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Job Opportunities That Require No Education

In an ideal world, Veterans would be recognised for the skills and achievements they’ve accumulated throughout their Military service

However, it’s important to remember that many people have had very little interaction with people in the Armed Forces, let alone understand the range of skills that are built up during the minimum years of service.


This would be alright, if we had the chance to learn and develop a way of presenting ourselves for job interviews.

However, preparing for civilian life is often the last thing on our minds when we’re serving. So, when it comes to looking for work after we’ve retired from the service, it can be difficult to find a meaningful occupation that can also pay the bills.

Luckily, there are a few options open to Veterans which don’t involve too much training and can prove to be quite lucrative – if enough elbow grease is applied:

Commercial Cleaner

It may seem like a rather pedestrian job to bring yourself down to, especially after potentially travelling all around the world with the forces, but working as a commercial cleaner could prove to be the kind of job that ticks all the boxes for a veteran.


Specialising in cleaning specific items or parts of the home will make you stand out as an entrepreneur; as long as you find the right niche you’ll always be able to find work. Of course, setting up a busy is not always that easy – that’s why it can be preferable to buy a into a franchise, instead of starting up by yourself. Companies like The BBQ Cleaner specialise in educating people in the ways of setting up a small business – preparing them for every eventuality, so they can go onto successfully run their business independently.


All you’ll need for this job is a current driving licence with no points. Thanks to the nature of our jobs, most of us don’t get given the chance to add any points to our licenses, so we usually have clean records by the time we leave the service.


Ex-military men might be stuck with some slightly unfavourable stereotypes sometimes, but we’re also associated with a few positive ones too! Good organisational skills, tidiness and decent time-keeping skills are all qualities that are linked to jobs in the armed forces; attributes that also make for fantastic drivers. Whether it’s on a casual basis for a company such as Uber, or a more professional job as a chauffeur – these companies tend to look favourably on people from military¬†backgrounds.


Lastly – this field of industry might not appeal to veterans looking for a more peaceful retirement from service. For those still looking to stay alert and involved in high-pressure situations, the security business might be just the thing.


Of course security work doesn’t always have to mean stressful positions – there’s plenty of range within the business. Small pubs and bars, during the weekdays, often need one or two men to watch the door – convenience stores in city centres often hire a sole member of security, to keep an eye out for shop lifters. These jobs can often be very social, putting you in the centre of a bustling atmosphere, just the thing for a veteran looking to adapt to civilian life.

There are some useful websites out there specialising in offering work to ex-servicemen, so don’t feel like there’s not a job out there for you!